Pro Life

by A Loathsome Smile

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"Life... the mother of all idealogies...
They claim as loud as they can that killing an embryo is a crime. The most heinous kind of murder. Because you're not only killing a being. You're killing the future.
This embryon could have become a fetus, then a newborn, then a child, then a grown-up who could live the same oh-so-wonderful life as other fellow humans.
It could have been a doctor and save many other lives... Wait, what does saving a life mean anyway? Postponing a relentless ending? Ha!
You all are clutching desperately at your precious lives. Do you really think you are as important as you believe you are?
I came to the conclusion that contemplation was the most relevant thing to do. This hints at the uselessness of life.
That good ol' Jesus Christ realized all these things when he was nailed on the cross. He saw all those lives he wanted to protect cheerfully applause his demise. And he wept. With laughter. Because he saw how meaningless this degenerated world is.
Yet, as absurd it is, life is the only thing I know. Thus I've sought the perfect compromise between consciousness and emptyness. I've followed the path of my ancesters. Seeking love. Friendship. Founding a family. Breeding. Career. Networking. I've numbed my brain with superficial entertainement. A simple life... a boring life.
Now, all that I want is to be the brighter sun that burns out faster. I want destruction. You know, nothing is more romantic than a nuclear holocaust... All these hopes and aspirations erased in a split second. This is way more tangible than all the gods humanity has made up since the dawn of time..."


released 01 June 2013
Album composed and produced from November 2011 to May 2013 (except for "Solace In All Stores", composed in September 2007)

Originally titled "Stalker" with a different cover art and mixed/mastered in a slightly different way



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A Loathsome Smile Lille

A Loathsome Smile is a musical project by a lone pathetic scum from Lille, France.

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